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Undergraduate Program
The Department of Special Education at NHCUE was established in August, 1993. The curricula and practica aim to provide academic preparation necessary for special education administrators and teachers for children with special needs at elementary and preschool levels.


Master’s Program

Since 2001, the master’s program of Special Education started enrolling students interested in the integration of resources from special education and rehabilitation. The primary goals are to provide inter-disciplinary training necessary for special education practitioners and researchers, and to advance special education in this country. The curriculum and research themes are designed to reflect the needs of local educational agenda with an emphasis on professional proficiency, diversified specialties, and the integration of theories and practices.



Currently there are thirteen full-time members in our faculty, all holding a doctoral degree from universities in the U.S., Europe, or Taiwan. Their areas of expertise include special education, education of the gifted and talented, rehabilitation & counseling, communication disorders, psychology, life sciences, and nutrition. Courses are offered to provide integrated efforts and training fundamental to special education.


Job opportunity

In addition to teaching jobs awarded to graduates who have obtained the national teacher’s certification and passed teachers’ employment evaluation held annually by local governments, career opportunities can be found in early-intervention child care centers, preschooler development centers, elementary schools, special education classes with inclusion approach, and nursing homes. Our graduates can also work as research assistants, managers of special education organizations or after-school care centers, or work for publishing companies, developing reading materials and/or teaching apparatus suitable for normal children and those with special needs.